We are Gofar & Treadlightly.
We love exploring our planet.
We don't want to trash it.

Did you know…

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In 2018 over 4.4 billion airline passengers boarded flights around the world
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They generated approximately 2.2 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent
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Airline generated carbon footprint is expected to increase to over 3.5 billion tonnes per year by 2030

Countless sites of cultural and environmental interest, including 53 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are currently under threat from overtourism

There is no denying the environmental damage that travel and tourism are doing to our planet but, at the same time, we also cannot deny our adventurous human spirit that keeps us seeking out new friends, destinations, and experiences.

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We are a team of three who have travelled, lived, and worked all over the world. We love the thrill of new experiences and the enlightenment and new perspectives that authentic cultural exchanges can bring, but we worry about the resulting burden borne by the environment and host communities when we travel abroad.

Through Rickshaw, we hope to ease that environmental burden (if only incrementally) while simultaneously making the possibility of travelling to new destinations, experiencing different cultures, and enjoying the thrill of authentic encounters a reality for those who are either unable or unwilling to travel in a world already straining to maintain its balance.

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